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WSCB 89.9 Launches First Ever Livestream

Ryan Matlack

Managing Editor

WSCB 89.9 has made some big changes since moving to Abbey-Appleton Hall. (Photo Ryan Matlack/The Student)

Three years ago, I hiked to the fourth floor of Judd Gymnasium, parted with my accompanying sherpa, and began my first broadcast on WSCB 89.9.  I, along with my co-host Corey Hanlon, talked sports late into the night amidst stacks of cds and crates of mangled wires and broken 8-track players. We were just happy to be on the air.

Fast-forward to present time. I now proudly occupy the position of president on the WSCB 89.9 Board. The studio has been moved to our new home in Abbey-Appleton Hall. We have, for the first time, an adjoining production studio and on-air studio providing us with 60-plus hours of shows.

But most notable of these changes is that for the first time during my three years – drumroll please – we are not on the air.

We haven’t been able to broadcast since the June 1st tornado that destroyed our broadcasting antenna that was housed on the roof of International Hall. Progress is not always so easily distinguished. During the past couple of months, I have properly, but perhaps excessively, used a line most recently employed by Harvey Dent in The Dark Knight. “The night is darkest before the dawn,” has been the most accurate way to summarize the current state of our station at this moment in time. However, when we return, it will mark the beginning of a new era for WSCB 89.9.

We will have brand new equipment, ordered to specifically meet the needs of our move to the Internet. Streaming our broadcasts online has been our goal for a long time now. It has been a time-consuming and tedious process, filled with conflicting emotions of everything from optimism and frustration.

However, there is no reason to thinking about what could have been. Now the focus turns to making up for lost time.  Thanks to the devotion of the WSCB board, our advisor, Kyle Belanger, and DJs and show hosts, we have been able to lay down the groundwork for this movement. Despite aged equipment and the constant change of scenery, interest in our station never waned.

We also greatly appreciate the support received from the facilities and IT departments helping us with the technical and physical improvements to our facility.

The development of helps create the triangle of media outlets on this campus, and WSCB could not be prouder to serve such an integral role in this new media outlet.

The WSCB category on now serves as our online headquarters. Details about our DJs, show hosts, schedule, show descriptions, podcasts and more can be finally found in one central location.

Every piece of the puzzle will serve a purpose. New audio editing software will help positively influence the quantity and quality of our production work.  Sharper produced pieces will enhance our on-air programming. Improved on-air programming will help validate our ability to broadcast beyond the restrictions of a college radio signal.

Once the equipment has been installed and our studio is up and running, the “On Air” sign will light up.

The possibilities will be endless.

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