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Three Springfield Sophomores spend their summer in Colorado as Counselors at YMCA of the Rockies

By Daniel Priest

Liv Howley, Carlos Moreno, Ryan Pelton
Sophomore, Sophomore, Sophomore
Exeter, RI; North Reading, MA; Clifton Park, New York
Art Therapy/Art Education; PT; PA
Summer job: Counselors at YMCA of the Rockies, Camp Chief Ouray

Springfield College has a noted connection to the YMCA. After all, the school is home to the first ever YMCA constructed, and if one has ever been through Judd Gymnasia, there’s a high probability they spotted the YMCA Hall of Fame inside.

Over this past summer, three students on campus took jobs with the YMCA, but they were nowhere close to Springfield. The three went all the way to Colorado.

Liv Howley, Carlos Moreno, and Ryan Pelton got in a Subaru Forester and made the 31 hour trek from Exeter, Rhode Island all the way to Granby, Colorado over the course of three days.

The trio was headed to their summer jobs. “We went there to be camp counselors for the YMCA of the Rockies, Camp Chief Ouray,” Howley said. “It’s an overnight camp for kids ages 7 and up.”

While spending the summer in Colorado was a long way from home and a bit of an adjustment in terms of lifestyle, the three still learned a lot in their time as counselors for the kids and while they drove cross country they saw many different new sights. Often times, those new sights and experiences are what make the opportunity so worth it.

“One of the most valuable lessons I learned from this experience is that the world is so incredibly large and mysterious,” Howley said. “There is so much I haven’t discovered yet. I am so taken back by the Western part of our country, and I hope to make it back out there at some point in my life.”

Who knows, maybe the cross country trip to Colorado to work for a YMCA program will make for a good resume booster to get into the Hall of Fame on Alden Street one day.

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