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Alumni Hall residents are enjoying the newly added MaClean Terrace

Ben Diamond

Social Media Editor

Photo courtesy of Greg Allen

Rarely can you find a silver lining in a tornado.

But amid the destruction of the 2011 tornado that swept through Springfield, one thing became clear: With many trees knocked down at the top of the hill behind the back of Alumni Hall, the college’s best view of Lake Massasoit was now MacLean Terrace.

The terrace is the only place on campus where there is an unobstructed view all the way to the Roosevelt Avenue bridge, and the foliage on the surrounding trees paired with the shimmering of the water creates quite the tableau.

For the semester’s first six weeks, the MacLean Terrace was closed to the public as it underwent a major (and necessary) facelift.

The terrace, once the famed location of Stepping Up Day, was no longer the former majestic place it once was. The steps were crumbling, the windows were dated, and the landscaping in general was unimpressive.

The renovations of MacLean Terrace are remarkable – the improvements include: a pergola, a fire pit, Adirondack chairs, newly planted trees, and two sections of perfectly groomed grass (a staple of the college’s campus).

“That fire pit looks prime,” said Devin Lehman, also a resident. “To me, a nice cold night, chilling by the fire, with the boys sounds likes a good time.”

The space is now available to be a high-quality program, recreation, and leisure area for students.

“I’ve already noticed students going out there,“ said Cam Labelle, a resident of Alumni Hall. “And it’s nice to see students coming together and enjoying the nice view of the lake.”

The potential of the terrace is vast since activities such as New Student Orientation, Stepping Up Day, baccalaureate, carnivals, outdoor plays, and outdoor learning could all be hosted there.

Additionally, the possibility of alumni events – like the Golden Triangle Breakfast, wine tastings, and even alumni weddings – will now be an option thanks to the restoration.

There is nothing but positive vibes towards the sparkling new MacLean Terrace, once again returning to the campus as one of the most aesthetically striking locations here at Springfield College.

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