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Baseball and Softball Fields to be Turned in to Parking Lots

Terrence Payne
Managing Editor

Editor’s Note: This story ran in our April Fool’s Day edition in April 2013. The baseball and softball field will remain in their current condition for the foreseeable future.

Parking at Springfield College has been a problem for students and faculty alike. It has also become controversial in recent weeks with designated parking spots for faculty outside selected buildings. More vacant spots are now starting to reappear as the winter snow begins to disappear, but the school has decided early Sunday morning that parking will soon be expanded. Berry Allen Field and Potter Field, which play host to the school’s baseball and softball teams, respectively, will be turned into brand new, stateof- the-art parking facilities to provide students and faculty ample parking around campus. “The students’ outrage has been heard,” Springfield College spokesperson John B. Speaker said on Sunday night. “Effective on June 1, our campus’ baseball and softball fields will be turned into spacious parking facilities, with more than enough room for student and faculty vehicles. “After agonizing seconds of decision making, the school president, dean of students, and Board of Trustees have concluded that this is the only move that can be made to combat this parking epidemic on campus,” Speaker explained. Speaker continued to read from the school’s statement and added that an agreement has been reached with nearby American International College, and the baseball and softball teams will be able to practice at AIC’s facilities on Roosevelt Avenue, though students will have to provide their own form of transportation. On the bright side, the new parking facility will assure those baseball and softball student-athletes will

never be without a spot to leave their cars. “I am really heartbroken by the decision to remove the

baseball and softball fields from the campus,” Springfield baseball coach Mark Simeone said while standing on the pitcher’s mound of his soon to be ex-field. “I will tell you one thing: we will not stand for this. In 2014 we will play baseball on the exact same spot where we stand today.” Simeone is making good on that promise, already having his team prepared for an all-asphalt field. Players and coaches took to Lot 15, next to the football field, to prepare themselves for the rigors of their new playing surface. “In all honesty, it’s kind of hard playing on here on

pavement,” said catcher Sean Smith. “I mean, you can’t slide. The lighting is off. Fielding is a nightmare, especially with moving vehicles. “We’re also really racking up the bills, paying students for damages done to their cars while we took batting practice on Sunday night.” The softball team toured its new facilities Sunday afternoon and even got a chance to get a few hours out on the new softball diamond. “The first practice did not

get off to a good start,” SC softball coach Julie Perrelli said. “I was initially okay with sharing the AIC field, but I didn’t understand the school’s interpretation of that statement.” Perrelli went on to discuss her frustrations with AIC and SC on the field, practicing, at the same time. “There are two players at each position and it just gets so complicated,” Perrelli added. “I mean, we’re working on a double play that started with an SC player fielding the ball and ended with the AIC first baseman finishing it. “It’s only the first day. I’m sure we’ll figure out how to share this eventually.” The school stands by its decision and is prepared to create more parking space if there is still outcry over limited spots. “East Campus has been discussed as the next possible location,” said an anonymous source close to the situation.

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