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Bryan Price kept it in the family over the summer with Custom Construction

Vin Gallo

Bryan Price
Islip, New York
Pre PT/Health Science
Summer job: Employee for Custom Construction on Long Island

Sometimes one needs to look no further than their family business for summer work. This is the case with senior Bryan Price.

Bryan’s father, Jeff, owns his own construction company called Custom Construction on Long Island. “My role was more [geared towards] moving things in and out of the houses – setting up inside, setting up the saws everyday, anything he needed help with,” Price said.

Price relayed the best part about working with countless infrastructure. “Packing up and going home at the end of the day,” Price quipped. “Nah, it’s nice talking to all the owners [and] with the other workers. It’s a fun environment to be in.”

Price also recalled a part of the gig where he was able to take care of some flawed estate. “There was one house we went to, they had water damage in the ceiling and we were putting up new sheetrock. So we needed to take the old one down, so I was just ripping the ceiling out which was pretty fun.”

Featured photo courtesy of Custom Construction.

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