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Springfield Junior Colleen Meyers spends her summer on Cape Cod

Gabby Guerard

Colleen Meyers
Framingham, MA
PE Major
Summer Job: Boat Rentals on the Cape

Many travel to the ocean on their summer days off as a reward for surviving a stressful work week. However, for one Springfield College student, the familiar wave of salty ocean air represents much more than just a day at the beach; it doubles as her office.

Colleen Myers traveled from her hometown of Framingham, Massachusetts to Cape Cod, where she worked on Nantucket Sound bay. For her job with Ship Shops Inc., she specialized in boat rentals. In her second year with the company the junior’s responsibilities consisted of teaching customers how to operate boats, as well as navigate the area. Myers is licensed to drive boats up to 45 feet in size.

While being stationed on a dock from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. may seem like a long day for most, Myers says the atmosphere is what makes the experience worth it.

“I’ve always loved the ocean, because it helps me decompress and relax,” she said. “I’ve also had a fascination with boats my whole life.”

Given her interests, Myers regards this opportunity as “the best job ever.” She also added that it provides a healthy break from her other passion: physical education. While she is looking forward to a career in that field, Myers believes being able to pursue an entirely different opportunity over the summer is crucial to staying passionate about PE.

She looks forward to spending another summer on the water next year.

Photo courtesy of Colleen Meyers

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