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Springfield offensive lineman Jermey Lipsky interns for U.S. Military Academy at West Point football

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Jeremy Lipsky
Glen Rock, New Jersey
Sport Management
Summer job: Player personnel intern for U.S. Military Academy at West Point football

While at Springfield College, Jeremy Lipsky spends his fall semester on Stagg Field as apart of the Pride’s offensive line, but over the summer the junior was able to learn first hand the process of recruiting while being a player personnel intern with the football staff for the U.S. Military Academy at West Point

“My biggest responsibilities were helping with all of the recruiting operations. They found out I was pretty good with photoshop, so I did a lot of edits for them because there is so much that goes into recruiting behind the scenes that people don’t know about,” Lipsky said.

While interning at U.S. Military Academy at West Point, Lipsky was able to meet NFL scouts and talk to the coaching staff at the Division I school.

“I also got the opportunity before I came here for preseason to see what the beginning of their preseason was like. So, I got to help out around practice and where I was evaluating the young guys, making sure they were giving their effort,” Lipsky said. “I rated their effort, attitude and performance and things like that at practice to see if they need to get bumped up on the depth chart, or to see if they aren’t earning their spot.”

The Junior was also in charge of making players and recruits feel like they were at home while visiting.

“Recruiting for a Division I school is a lot different than recruiting for a Division III school,” Lipsky said.

“I think that if I can bring the stuff I learned from an FBS program to the Division III level and share that information with my coaches and what we can do when we have kids on campus to visit here, what we can do to get them hooked on this school and sell what we have here, anything from even me helping out with photoshop is something we could use with the staff here,” he said.

Photo courtesy of Jeremy Lipsky

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