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The Psychology Club Brings Mental Health Awareness to Springfield College

Kristen Linnartz
Staff Writer

Photo Courtesy: Kristen Linnartz
Photo Courtesy: Kristen Linnartz

Here at Springfield College, physical activity and health is preached and practiced throughout campus. At the Richard B. Flynn Campus Union stage on Tuesday, Oct. 15, another form of health was addressed, as Mental Health Awareness Day was celebrated with free massages and a stress ball making station.

“Mental Health Awareness Day is an annual event that the Psychology Club hosts, where we work to make the SC community aware of the importance of paying attention to their mental health,” said Kristen DeAngelo, a key contributer to Mental Health Awareness Day. “We also hope to provide the SC community with knowledge about mental health issues that many people face. During this event, we set up activities to help relieve stress and provide people with mental health awareness information.”

At this event there was many activities to take part in, such as a stress ball station, where students went up and made their own stress balls out of balloons and rice. Also, there was a massage chair where Physical Therapy students at the graduate level would give free massages to students. The Psychology Club handed out pamphlets about various mental health disorders such as anxiety and panic disorders as well.

The Counseling Center had a member, Manjunath Burdekar, a doctoral student, present that students could speak to and become more aware of their services around campus.

“We do see a lot of people on a regular basis, and obviously it is confidential, but we work on what you want to accomplish, not what we want to accomplish. It’s mainly what you want. A lot of times people do have issues and sometimes don’t even know or think they do. If there is an issue people need to communicate it because you need to deal with it,” Burdekar said.

The event’s purpose was to raise awareness and help people relax.

Many people think that being healthy only involves strong physical health, but this event allowed a light to be shined upon mental health for students to see that being healthy also has a lot to do with your mental health.

“Mental Health Awareness Day is an important yearly event as it gives the SC community an opportunity to take a step back from their busy schedules and remember that their mental health is important to their well-being,” stated DeAngelo.

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